The importance of an inspection prior to acceptance of the building

Inspection of the private portion

Inspection remains the fundamental step in the process of buying a condo. Indeed, it is the starting point of the coverage of your guarantee. A proper inspection will save you from all kinds of problems that may appear later and will save you time and money in case you file a claim.

A striking distinction between divided co-ownership and undivided co-ownership is found in the inspection process. Indeed, divided co-ownerships are subject to two inspections: one for your private portion and the other on the common portions.

  • For the private portion, i.e. your condo, you are responsible for the inspection.
  • For the common portions, the syndicate of co-owners is responsible for finding a building professional to inspect the building.


If for the private portion, you have the choice to be represented or not by a building professional, for the common portions, the presence of a building professional is obligatory.

The inspection of a private portion must be carried out by yourself and your contractor. The presence of a professional is not mandatory. However, a trained and experienced professional will see faults and shortcomings that you cannot see if you do not have knowledge in the field of construction. For a quality inspection, we recommend that you call on a building professional.

In case of defect, you must:

  • Note defects on the inspection form
  • Set a deadline with the contractor to complete the correction(s) or work
  • Note this deadline at the end of the list of correction(s) or work
  • Send a copy of the form to the Guarantee Plan administrator (GCR)

Once the inspection prior to acceptance has been carried out, you will have three days to complete it or add elements, provided you have not yet moved into your residence.

Before proceeding with the inspection, be aware that you can access the file held by the administrator of the Guarantee Plan (GCR) on your co-ownership and thus know if there have been any inspections or interventions on its part, and if so which ones, the correction(s) made, and the expertise used, if any. You can also access the plans and specifications for your property.

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