Guarantee contract

What is a guarantee contract and what should it include?

The guarantee contract ensures the execution of the contractor's legal and contractual obligations in favor of the buyer. It covers only new buildings, intended for mainly residential purposes and only a few types of buildings.

Types of guarantee contracts

There are two types of buildings covered by the Guarantee Plan:

Buildings not held in divided co-ownership:

  • Single-family building: isolated, semi-detached, row or machined
  • Multifamily building: duplex, triplex, quadruplex and quintuplex

Buildings held in divided co-ownership:

  • Single-family building: detached, semi-detached, row
  • Multi-family building: condominiums with a maximum of four stacked units

The contractor will give you the signed copy of the guarantee contract adapted to the type of building.

The guarantee contract must include:

  • Contractor's name and address
  • License number (RBQ) and accreditation (GCR)
  • Name and address of the beneficiary(ies)
  • Address of the building concerned and the lot number
  • Guarantees offered by the Guarantee Plan
  • Procedures for making a claim
  • Recourse
  • Acceptance of the guarantee contract
  • Signature of the parties

When to sign the guarantee contract?

The guarantee contract must be signed at the same time as the preliminary contract or the company contract. Once the contract is signed, you must comply with the obligations stipulated in it.

*Updated on June 5, 2020

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