The importance of an inspection prior to acceptance of the building

Why be accompanied during an inspection?

Do not assume that "a new house is perfect and flawless ". When making an investment, perhaps the most expensive one of your life, it makes sense to set aside financial resources for a hassle-free inspection.

Of course, you have the choice of being alone with your contractor during the inspection or of being accompanied by a residential building specialist. Although support by a professional is not mandatory, it is highly recommended!

When you opt for an inspection without the help of a professional, you are depriving yourself of an equal footing in dealing with the contractor. Without technical knowledge, you cannot judge the quality of the work. That is why most buyers tend to focus on finishing problems and often neglect the correction of defects or poorly executed work. Therefore, we recommend that you hire an inspection specialist who will be in a better position to examine every part of the house, even those invisible to the naked eye.

Being accompanied by an inspection specialist offers you the following benefits:

  1. A balance of power between you and the entrepreneur
  2. Early detection of defects or poor workmanship invisible to the uninformed eye
  3. Direct contact with the entrepreneur in order to request corrective work and thus avoid any claims
  4. Peace of mind when you move in and while you live in the house

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