Conditions of application

Acceptance, the starting point for some guarantees

Acceptance is a legal act by which you accept the work of the contractor. This is an important step and will mark the starting point for certain coverages in the guarantee plan. Acceptance with a rigorous inspection will be the best way to protect yourself.

The Regulation respecting the Guarantee Plan stipulates that each building must be inspected before acceptance. The inspection must be made in the presence of the buyer and the entrepreneur, based on a list of elements provided by the administrator (

We strongly recommend that a building professional accompany you for your inspection.

Here are the main stages of the inspection:

  • Before the inspection, you choose a building professional authorized to accompany you. To find out how to choose this professional, go to the Inspection section.
  • On the day of the inspection, you go around your home with the contractor and the inspector. Using the RBQ checklist (provided by your contractor), you verify that all the work is completed and well done.
  • When the work is completed and there are no corrections or work to be completed, you can sign the declaration of receipt WITHOUT reservations.
  • When there is work to be corrected or completed: meticulously note all the elements to be completed or corrected (door poorly adjusted, scratch on a counter, etc.) on the list. All the details count!
  • Set a deadline with the contractor for the completion of this correction and completion work and indicate this date at the end of the list. The Regulation provides that this period should not exceed 6 months.
  • Sign the document. This signature marks the acceptance of your new home, but this time WITH reservation.


When the work is not finished, that is to say that there remains work to be completed so that the work conforms to the project, you can, but you are not obliged to, receive the work. If the work needs corrections or these are only minor details to be completed, you can receive the work (with reservations).

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