Guarantee limits

Guarantee and emergency works

When urgent repairs are necessary to avoid loss of the building, you are encouraged to:

  1. Ask the contractor and the administrator that the work be carried out; and
  2. If you are unable to reach them in good time, have the work done yourself and claim reimbursement from the contractor and the administrator.

Please note that you can only carry out the work by yourself in emergency situations. You even have the responsibility to keep the building and not let it deteriorate. There would be an emergency if the lack of work led to the deterioration of the building. If there is no demonstrated emergency, you must request that the contractor carry out the work and send a copy of the information to the administrator.

Beware of deadlines

After the acceptance of your house, make sure you follow the following deadlines:

  • Repair of existing and non-apparent defects: 1 year after acceptance of the building
  • Repair for latent defects: 3 years after acceptance of the building
  • Repair of design, construction, or production defects and earthwork defects: 5 years after the end of the work
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